Nov.5th: Can Selling Fried Dough Safe Airlines: Reflection on “Popularity” and “Effectiveness”

Translated Nov.10th, 2020. Preface: Is a million dollar a big amount?Operated no destination flights, retailed in-flight supplies, even opened fried dough stands, international carriers try every possible attempt to mediate cash burn caused by flights toboggan. While in domestic market, under a stability rising economy, load factor has fully recovered with a lower pair fare. […]

Jun.21st: How China Eastern’s “Weekend Pass” Enhance Customer Loyalty?

Introduction: This article aims to analyze how China Eastern Airline’s “Weekend Pass” enhance customer loyalty, and points out an viable way for future FFP macro strategies. Outline: Introduction to FFP and its long-lasting problemHow “Weekend Pass” aims to solve them: on the macro level.Outlook of future FFP program. 1.Introduction & Long-Lasting Problem Frequent Flyer Program […]

Jun.14th: It Fuses! CAAC’s Fusing Policy in Action

Introduction: In the morning of Jun.14th, the first “fusing” suspension was given to China Southern flight CZ392 from Dhaka to Guangzhou. This article based on the previous analysis on the “fusing” policy, (, with the framework of (, quantitively analyzes how much airlines and travelers economics loss is, and forecasts a possible solution. Disclaimer:  The […]

Jun.11th: Has the Turning Point Come?

Introduction: This article references IATA’s report on Jul.9th and OAG’s Webinar in Jul.10th, aiming to use IATA’s forecasting structure find when will be the turning point in terms of revenue. On Jun.9th, IATA updates the semi-annually report: “Air Industry Economics Performance”, as a macro analysis, with both charts and PowerPoint. The conclusion is that “turning […]

Jun.6th: Traffic Rights: CAAC and FAA Still in a Game

Introduction:In the beginning of Jun.6th, FAA cancels the travel restrictions between Chinese and American route, as a response of CAAC’s announcement of “5*1” policy relaxation. According to that, more airlines can fly to and from China. The “fusing” policy, as discussed in previous report (, aims to decrease the incoming confirmed cases. For the game […]

May.13th: Why are tickets back to China so expensive?

Disclaimer: This article aims to illustrates why current tickets back to China (Both charter flights and flights under “5*1” restrictions) have a higher-than-normal price. From an economics approach, some reasons might be different from the real one. Hence, the reasons only apply in economics level, may not assent to real situation. The author has no […]

May.15th: Push and Pull: Why Aviation Recovers Slower than GDP?

Introduction: According to IATA’s report on May.15th, Global GDP will recover to pre-pandemic level in 2021, while that of RPK could only be seen in 2023. Why such a significant difference is forecasted? This article analyzes the situation in two parts: the pushing force for a fast GDP recovery and the pulling force that hinders […]

Apr.24th–Confidence is the Key to Recovery!

In Apr 21st, IATA published another “Assessing prospects for domestic market.” In the assessment, market confidence is marked as a key, even dominant factor for recovery. After the Pandemic is control, Chinese domestic market is on a steady pace to get back, whose experience is worth sharing and take into consideration. This article analyzes the […]

Aviation Economics Analysis Vol.6 (Special Version): The Darkest moment has come

The aviation industry has been significantly affected by the global outbreak. Can the airlines survive this crisis? According to IATA’s “Updated Impact Assessment,” published on its website on March 24, several conclusions can be reached: 1. The outbreak is expected to be more severe than IATA predicted in its previous report, and airlines may not […]

Aviation Economics Analysis, Vol.1: Why should airlines build “unique” services? Is that a “must”?

Yes. The reason why I want to write this topic is because of the Ramen meal I had at noon today. The meal is full of “Japan” elements, though not in design, as many Japanese restaurants have done similar approach, but the service: from reception to delivery, the communication between the waiter, from waiter to […]