We are all making the world a better place by pursuing our passion. A crucial media for me is the camera. As a plane spotter and free-lance photographer, there are far more things than a conventional, even bland “ID photo” of planes. In this selection, I want to show me, my story, and my connection, THE VIEW of Martinview.


Daxing Int’l Airport, Beijing
Just Arrived

There is a clear path of my journey, leaving a line guiding to where I stand. But for the future, sky is the limit.


Wenchang, Hainan
Tianwen I Rocket Launch

We marked our path, beated on, to our next destination.

Air China Boeing 777. Just Arrived

One of my folks, greeting by his humming.

My Dream in the Clouds
Haikou, Hainan
Transporting Medical Supplies

Am I dreaming?

Sunrise or Sunset
Heading to Sanya

Why airborne romantic? Sun, sky and clouds.

Take Control
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
After Landing

We are all pilots, push the throttle towards challenges. Remember, sky is always bright in stratosphere.


Dragon Under Rainbow
Shunyi, Beijing
After a Shower

Rainbow comes out after the shower. Sun will come out soon, after the rainbow.

Sanya, Hainan
Doctors are Back

Never forget who have our back. Never conceal our respect.

My Airport: Beijing Captial Int’l Airport
Waiting for departure

No matter how far I go, there’s always a place called home.

Planes are more than planes. It resembles a way of living, an industry we strive for, and a view of the world. This is Martin’s view, this is Martinview.

It’s quite a view…of my own.

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  1. This is why I love this guy: So passionate about the things he like and his attitude toward life!

  2. I always wonder why we love aircrafts.Many years and all the memories with Martin, I get my answer.Let the faith of chasing the sky thaw in our hearts!

  3. I love this collection! Just as other Martinview’s publication, Martin can always astonish me with his photos and way of living. Same comment below: What a shot! *10 times.

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