Here’s the list of Martinview’s articles about How the Aviation Industry was affected by Pandemic. The original publish date is in the title. All the articles are listed in time order and are translated to English recently. For Chinese version, please check out MartinView’s Official Account!

Mar.26th: The Darkest Moment Has Come for Aviation Industry (Published):

Apr.2nd: More Than Economics – Why should we accept airline’s EMD?:

Apr.4th—EMD in Traveler’s Point of View:

Apr.15th More Than Once Estimated –Analysis of IATA’s “Update Impact Assessment”:

Apr.24th–Confidence is the Key to Recovery:

May.3rd: Capacity Drops Dramatically, Estimation Gaining Accuracy:

May.8th: How Are Costs Affected?:

May.13th: Why are tickets back to China so expensive?:

May.15th Push and Pull: Why Aviation Recovers Slower than GDP?:

May.25th: Booking pattern changes!:

Jun.4th: Audacious Innovation with Clear Rules:

Jun.6th: Traffic Rights: CAAC and FAA Still in a Game:

Jun.11th: Has the Turning Point Come?:

Jun.14th: It Fuses! CAAC’s Fusing Policy in Action:

Jun.21st, How China Eastern’s “Weekend Pass” Enhance Customer Loyalty?:

Sep.9th: Will They Follow? A Discussion on The Possibility for Chinese Domestic Airlines to Cancel Change Fees:

Nov.5th: Can Selling Fried Dough Safe Airlines? Reflection on “Popularity” and “Effectiveness”: