May.13th: Why are tickets back to China so expensive?

Disclaimer: This article aims to illustrates why current tickets back to China (Both charter flights and flights under “5*1” restrictions) have a higher-than-normal price. From an economics approach, some reasons might be different from the real one. Hence, the reasons only apply in economics level, may not assent to real situation. The author has no […]

May.15th: Push and Pull: Why Aviation Recovers Slower than GDP?

Introduction: According to IATA’s report on May.15th, Global GDP will recover to pre-pandemic level in 2021, while that of RPK could only be seen in 2023. Why such a significant difference is forecasted? This article analyzes the situation in two parts: the pushing force for a fast GDP recovery and the pulling force that hinders […]

May.3rd: Capacity Drops Dramatically, Estimation Gaining Accuracy

On Apr.29th, IATA announced “Air Passenger Monthly Analysis” for March. According to that, the demand decreased to 52.9% compared to 2019.3. In the fifth “Update Impact Assessment” published on Apr.14th, the forecast for whole year is a 55.5% down, similar to the data observed in March. A complete look of six IATA assessments on Pandemic […]

May.8th: How Are Costs Affected?

Outline: 1. With a low aircraft utility, airlines eagers to regain capacity.2. Business confidence recover in a delayed pattern, airlines would lower the fare to stimulate the demand, sell more with lower per-unit profit.3. If social distancing applies, airlines should increase the fair by 43% to 54% to reach break-even. With a low aircraft utility, […]

Apr.24th–Confidence is the Key to Recovery!

In Apr 21st, IATA published another “Assessing prospects for domestic market.” In the assessment, market confidence is marked as a key, even dominant factor for recovery. After the Pandemic is control, Chinese domestic market is on a steady pace to get back, whose experience is worth sharing and take into consideration. This article analyzes the […]

Apr.4th—EMD in Traveller’s Point of View

In the previous EMD article, I stand on the “not-so-rational” point of view to reach a conclusion: we should accept EMD even we are experiencing loss. This time I will stand on the other side, using some economics concept and consider EMD as a special type of bond, to reach another conclusion. Let’s review the […]

Apr.2nd: More Than Economics – Why should we accept airline’s EMD?

In Mar.28th, IATA published “Customer vouchers Information for airlines”. In this document, IATA highlights the viability of Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) for being a middleman for ticket refund. As IATA claims, EMD will “bring benefit to customers, travel agents and airlines.” After a careful reading and attended the EMD info session in Apr.2nd, Martinview would […]

Apr.15th: More Than Once Estimated –Analysis of IATA’s “Update Impact Assessment”

Preface: This article was published in Martinview in Apr.15th. IATA starts its analyzing on how Aviation Industry was influenced by the Pandemic once it has embarked. Reading through the reports in time sequence, we can find a great increment on the impact IATA forecasts. Yesterday (Apr.14), another “Update Impact Assessment” was carried out, indicating a […]

Mar.26th: The Darkest Moment Has Come for Aviation Industry (Published)

The Chinese Version of this article is published on, check out the URL or more information!The Darkest Moment Has Come The aviation industry is strongly influenced as the Pandemic spreads worldwide. Can airlines walk through this situation? According to International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s “Updated Impacted Assessment” published Mar.24th on its website, some trends […]

How to embody “Humanism” in building airports? (Complete Translated version, draft 1)

Note: “humanism” is defined as “cares about people’s feeling” and “a sense of cultural creating”, I was trying to show what airport should do so that PLANESPOTTING, as a SUB-CULTURE, can develop throughout and effectively. In this short post, the author briefly discusses the aspects that need to be paid attention to when embodying humanism in […]